Auditing and Accounting Services

Baverstocks are registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out company audit work.

The preparation of accounts and (where necessary), the audit of a year’s results, provide key knowledge and insight into a business’ activities and gives the following:

  • A true picture of the firm’s financial situation to owners and management
  • Statutory information for both the registrar of Companies and shareholders
  • A basis for the Inland Revenue to agree tax liabilities
  • Data from which outside providers of finance including Bankers, can assess the firm’s viability


For many corporate clients the audit is the core of an independent and objective view of their company’s position. In order to perform the audit function in accordance with appropriate standards, it is essential for our staff to be thoroughly familiar with the specific nature, aims and organization of each clients business.

In conjunction with the statutory Audit, it is our normal practice to carry out a Practical Annual Review. This is tailored to the needs of the individual client and may encompass areas such as Security, Financing, Credit Control, Business Development and Remuneration Schemes.

Financial Accounting & Book Keeping

Many clients discover that they need outside assistance with book keeping and accountancy. For some this may be an ongoing requirement – for others it may just be at peak times or if a particular investigation or exercise needs fulfilling. At Baverstocks we can provide skilled assistance when needed, using in-house resources or personnel from one of our associates.

Management Accounting and Consultancy

Regardless of whether a client is just starting or developing their business activities, it is essential that a Business Plan is prepared. It is equally essential that the business activities are closely monitored and that any deviations from the Plan are fully considered. Our management services team provides a full management accounting and consultancy service which encompasses preparation of the Business Plans, Budgets and Cashflows, preparation of Management Accounts and Management reviews.

Company Secretarial

Company Law is continually tightening the rules relating to the administration of companies. It is vitally important therefore that a company’s statutory books are properly maintained. Unfortunately clients can easily overlook the detailed formalities involved. Our company secretarial team however can assume these responsibilities and provide an efficient and cost effective service.

Auditing Growth